Space Applications.
Get rid of weight.
Minimize power consumption.

Space and avionic applications

Anything shot into the orbit should not come down too early. This means: zero fat, absolute reliability. How does this relate to database software? Has software a weight? No, bits are weightless. But the hardware they are running through definitely has. And the more efficient a software is, the less hardware you need to execute it. Here is our point. We designed our database to be as fast as possible and as storage efficient as possible. It saves CPU power and memory space. For comparison with OpenLDAP, a popular open source database: We are four times faster and need just one third of memory space to store the same information. This gives you a much better tradeoff between processing throughput and computer weight. And of course, our database is absolutely reliable.
  • Multiple redundancy
  • Bandwidth efficient replication to ground stations
  • Transaction safety
  • Two factor encryption
  • Overload protection system
  • Complete remote administration, manually or automated